When you think of a wedding you probably think of hundreds of guests, an expensive venue, months and months of sleepless nights planning...but what is most important to you? Rebecca and Kyle wanted family, intimacy, and love...pure love...and that's exactly what they had! The week leading up to their wedding it rained, not just a shower here and there but rained every single day until their wedding day and the sun had never shined brighter. It was a gorgeous spring day, the ones that wedding photographers dream of. The wedding took place at her parents house, also her childhood home. Her father built that house way back in the day and it had so many sentimental values to it. Her father also built the arch that they exchanged vows is beyond gorgeous! The guest list included parents, siblings, and their nephew Luke. The brides sister married them and surprised them with the sweetest words. I don't think there was a dry eye during the ceremony. Intimate, beautiful, and romantic. Once Rebecca and Kyle became husband and wife they sipped on champagne while their moms (who are besties) gave the sweetest toasts. You can tell in every picture just how happy and in love these two are and the love that surrounds them, well it's just beautiful! 

Photographer // Sarah Aaron Photography

Bridal Gown // Lulus

Florist // Hutchinson's Flowers

Hair // Wave Hair Trends

As seen on The Overwhelmed Bride

Cheers to the newlyweds!!